What is JGX Labs?

JGX Labs is an incubator based in Kingston, Jamaica focusing on early stage companies that can benefit the most from hands-on mentorship and guidance. We provide office space, legal support, and technical guidance (to name just a few things) so that companies can spend their first few months focused on building their business instead of worrying about the small stuff.

We ran an experimental 3 month summer program in 2013 that convinced us that there is ample technical talent in the country, and we think with the right guidance we can help build great companies in Kingston.

We are planning to run another summer program next year taking what we learned and trying it again.

Have an idea?

With Summer 2013 behind us, we're looking forward to Summer 2014!

If you have an idea and want to apply for this coming summer, send a quick elevator pitch to

Don't forget to explain...

  • the problem you want to solve
  • who it affects
  • how you plan to fix it

Don't have an idea?

If you don't have an idea but want to work with an existing team, let us know: jobs@jgxlabs.com

Send a resume, GitHub account, open-source contributions, fun side-projects, or anything that shows off your skills and passion.

Think globally

Because technology companies can easily compete in the global market, think about how your idea affects the whole world. As part of your pitch, tell us how your problem affects people outside Jamaica and how your idea fixes it for customers everywhere.